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I have been working as a Software Developer since 2004. The last six years I have been working with Python, C#, Go, Ruby, and C. In past projects I have already worked with Java, Android, iOS/Swift and C++. I am a Full-Stack Developer, but I usually prefer to focus on my Back-End skills, although I have good Front-End and DevOps knowledge. For more information about my skills and interests take a look at my GitHub :D


My passion for games brought me to this awesome world of software development.

My first thought about this was when I was twelve, and I decided to be a game programmer because I discovered how games are made, I was in love with the idea of making my games.

That decision made me follow my dreams, and it gave me the possibility of discovering a lot of new things about software engineering.

The last years I have been improving my engineering, design and problem-solving skills.

I am betting in Golang as a new great language, so I have been spending my time reading and understanding the Go language, although I am hight skilled and love Python, C#, C, and Javascript. I also like Ruby, that is another language that I am trying to learn more in my free time.


Some information about my skills in Programming, Database and DevOps.

In the last six years, I have been working with Python, C# and Javascript. A year about I started learning Go and Ruby.


My last public projects.

Here you can see the public projects that I'm working on.

Issues Command Line



Neighborhood Map


javascript css html

Report for Udacity FSWD Log Analyze Project



Udacity - Linux Server Configuration


Movie Trailer Site


html python

Udacity Catalog Project


python html css shell