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I have been working as a Software Developer since 2004. The last six years I have been working with Python, C#, Go, Ruby, and C. In past projects I have already worked with Java, Android, iOS/Swift and C++. I am a Full-Stack Developer, but I usually prefer to focus on my Back-End skills, although I have good Front-End and DevOps knowledge. For more information about my skills and interests take a look at my GitHub :D


My passion for games brought me to this awesome world of software development.

My first thought about this was when I was twelve, and I decided to be a game programmer because I discovered how games are made, I was in love with the idea of making my games.

That decision made me follow my dreams, and it gave me the possibility of discovering a lot of new things about software engineering.

The last years I have been improving my engineering, design and problem-solving skills.

I am betting in Golang as a new great language, so I have been spending my time reading and understanding the Go language, although I am hight skilled and love Python, C#, C, and Javascript. I also like Ruby, that is another language that I am trying to learn more in my free time.


Some information about my skills in Programming, Database and DevOps.

In the last six years, I have been working with Python, C# and Javascript. A year about I started learning Go and Ruby.


My last public projects.

Here you can see the public projects that I'm working on.

Issues Command Line



Neighborhood Map


javascript css html

Udacity - Linux Server Configuration


Report for Udacity FSWD Log Analyze Project



Movie Trailer Site


html python

Udacity Catalog Project


javascript python html css shell