I have been working as a Software Developer for fourteen years. I have been focusing the last years on Python, C#, Ruby, Go, and C. But I have already worked with Java, Android, iOS/Swift and C++. My primary focus is Back-End development, but I am highly skilled in Front-End. For more information about my skills and interests take a look at my GitHub :D


I decided to be a programmer when I was twelve because I had discovered how games are made.

When I started learning about programming on my seventeen, my first language was C, but after learning the basic logic, I tried Turbo C, Pascal, Delphi, QBasic, C for Win32, Python 2.3 and ASM x86. That was at the beginning of my career.

I have already worked with Java, Swift, and Android.

The last six year I have been working with Python, Django, C#, ASP.NET, C, Javascript, Unity3D, Go and Ruby.

Some facts about me:

My favorite Operating Systems are Linux and MacOSX.

My first Linux was Kurumin, a Brazilian distribution.

I like learning about vintage programming like MS-DOS, VGA, Turbo C and Assembly x86 for game programming.

I like learning about game programming pipelines like OpenGL, Vulkan, and Shaders. But usually, I work with Unity3D in my games.


Some information about my skills in Programming, Database and DevOps.

In the last six years, I have been working with Python, C# and Javascript. A year about I started learning Go and Ruby.


Some projects that I made

The public projects that I can show, I have been working on a lot of private projects.


Neighborhood Map

javascript css html


Brazilian taxpayer identification (CPF e CNPJ) - validation package in Golang



Report generator for Udacity FSWD Log Analyze Project



Movie Trailer Site

html python


Udacity Catalog Project

javascript python html css shell


HTML & CSS Portfolio Project for Udacity Course

css html


The Dungeon One - Ludum Dare #39

c# shaderlab