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I have been working as a Software Developer since 2004. Generalist and Full-Stack Developer. I have been working with Python, C#, Go, and Ruby. For more information about my skills and interests take a look at my GitHub.


I started to learn about computers when I was eleven, I was curious about how things like video-games, computers and tech devices work.

I did a basic computer course, where I learned about binary, I/O, MS-DOS and Windows. The passion about programming came to me when I discovered how games are made using programming.

I started to read and learn more about programming and software engineering. Those first steps were important for helping me to build my career.

Since then I worked for several companies over the years in Software Development Role, and I have been improving my engineering, design and problem-solving skills.

For the past 7 years, I have been working with Python, C# and Javascript on payment gateway, finance, the billing process, document management, health system management, network device integration, third-party integration, porting old systems in Delphi to Python, and developing mobile apps integrated with a back-end software.

Most recently, I have been working on some projects in Python, Go, and Ruby while looking for the next big challenge.


Some charts for understanding my skillset.

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These are some projects that I work on my free time.