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I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Sheetgo on challenges related to performance, cost reduction, system design, and hard tasks that require deep research. I helped on designing the distributed system using tools like Google PubSub and also worked to organize the Backend projects allowing us to decouple them into independent services. My programming journey started in 2004 and since then I have worked with many stacks and languages. Currently, my work and projects use Python, Go, C, and Lua. Most recently I earned Associate Cloud Engineer and Professional Cloud Developer certifications from Google.

Some recent projects that I am proud of include:

  • Implementing a new Public API with FastAPI and OpenAPI.
  • Adding telemetry across the services, using Open Telemetry.
  • Creating an application in Go for orchestrating the distributed services execution.
  • A custom ODM framework in Python for MongoDB(supporting complex queries like Django).
  • Creating a custom Query language(SQL-like using ANTLR4) parser and an engine to give support for filtering data that are not supported by Google Query Language.
  • Many benchmarks and performance improvements for systems in Python and Go.

Check my public projects below, Github and LinkedIn.


The years represent how much I feel comfortable with the technology. It is hard to measure, but I have more experience that the years listed here.

Python, which I love, and it is by far the most used language. I use it even to prototype for other stacks.

C is my passion, it is a language I never formally have a role in, but I use always for my own projects and is important to know when I go deep in the guts of a project.

Golang has been my companion for the last 6 years and Rust is the next target, but my experience goes far from this list, I have the experience even with stacks and languages that are obsolete today like Turbo C, Pascal, FoxPro, and Delphi 7.

Python12y Django6y Flask5y Golang6y Mongodb5y Open-telemetry2y Google PubSub3y Pandas4y ANTLR43y Google Cloud Functions2y C#6y Distributed System5y C8y API Design5y API Integration10y System Design5y Low-Level3y Computer Architecture2y System Performance4y Linux13y Kubernetes1y Docker2y Shell script4y Lua3y SDL23y Unity3D3y OAuth1y Web Development12y Rust1y Lisp1y


Open-source projects and portfolio.