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I have been working as a Software Developer since 2004. The last six years I have been working with Python, C#, Go, Ruby, and C. In past projects I have already worked with Java, Android, iOS/Swift and C++. I am a Full-Stack Developer, but I usually prefer to focus on my Back-End skills, although I have good Front-End and DevOps knowledge. For more information about my skills and interests take a look at my GitHub :D


I started to learn about computers because I am curious and I would like to understand how these things like video-games, computers and tech devices work.

It was in a time when learning these things wasn't common in a small town in Brazil. I didn't have a computer and neither access to books and courses. I found some old magazines, newspapers, and I watched some movies about 'hackers' and some documentaries on TV about computers.

I decided to be a programmer when I had the opportunity of doing a basic computer course, and then the teacher talked about software and games, and how all these amazing things are made.

That decision keeps me following my dreams, and it has been giving me the possibility of discovering a lot of new things about software, computers, and tech in general.

Since then I have been improving my engineering, design and problem-solving skills.

Last 6 years I worked with Python/Django, C# and ASP.NET, Javascript.

Now I am working on my own projects and learning about Go and Ruby.


Some charts for understanding my skillset.

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My side projects.