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I work as a Senior Software Developer at Sheetgo on challenges related to performance, cost reduction, system design, and hard tasks which require a lot of research. I helped on designing the distributed system using tools like PubSub and Cloud Functions. I also worked to organize the Backend projects allowing us to decouple them into independent services. My programming journey started in 2004 and since then I have worked with many stacks and languages. Currently, my work and projects use Python, Go, C, and Lua.

Some recent projects that I am proud of include:

  • Implementing a new Public API with FastAPI and OpenAPI.
  • Adding telemetry across the services, using Open Telemetry.
  • Creating an application in Go for orchestrating the distributed services execution.
  • A custom ODM framework in Python for MongoDB(supporting complex queries like Django).
  • Creating a custom Query language(SQL-like using ANTLR4) parser and an engine to give support for filtering data that are not supported by Google Query Language.
  • Many benchmarks and performance improvements for systems in Python and Go.

Check my public projects below, Github and LinkedIn.


Years represent the effort and how much I feel comfortable with the technology. The real amount o time is greater. I use those numbers to let you know how much effort I put into them compared to each other.

Python is what I mostly worked on in projects and I went really deep into its guts. Golang has been my companion for the last 6 years and Rust is the next target, but my experience goes far from this list, I have experienced even with stacks and languages that are obsolete today like Turbo C, Pascal, FoxPro, and Delphi 7.

Python12y Django6y Flask5y Golang6y Mongodb5y Open-telemetry2y Google PubSub3y Pandas4y ANTLR43y Google Cloud Functions2y C#6y Distributed System5y C8y API Design5y API Integration10y System Design5y Low-Level3y Computer Architecture2y System Performance4y Linux13y Kubernetes1y Docker2y Shell script4y Lua3y SDL23y Unity3D3y OAuth1y Web Development12y Rust1y Lisp1y


Open-source projects and portfolio.